Jalisco’s Recovering Raniculture Market

Jalisco’s Recovering Raniculture Market

Frog meat consumption has gradually increased its demand since the pandemic.

Frog meat is a white meat similar in texture to chicken, but with a much richer flavor. It is a lean meat without cholesterol and of high digestibility, being healthier than other meats, and providing important nutrients and essential amino acids.

Jalisco raniculture continues with firm steps in the recovery of the market that it lost due to the pandemic last year. The head of the Jalisco Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER,) Salvador Álvarez García, reported that there are also good signs in favor of the resumption of the export of frog meat to the United States, which had been interrupted.

He also noted that the secretariat has not lowered its guard in the production of frog pups at the Yahualica de Gonzàlez Gallo Aquaculture Center for the repopulation of farms, despite the fact that eight production centers have been on hiatus, also as a consequence of the negative economy that the pandemic generated.   

The head of the aforementioned ranicultural module, biologist Rubén Ruiz Medina, commented that there is currently a rebound in demand for meat, from the purchase of live animals on farms at 90 pesos per kilogram, to other segments where already it is marketed at a higher price.

This technician said that there are currently twelve ranicultural farms active and eight in a state of pause due to the reduction of their market, which are given advice to be reactivated in the immediate term.

He also said that for this year a closure in the production of offspring is expected around 90,000 being channeled to producers, an amount lower than in other years precisely because of the decrease in demand on the farms of the entity.

He added that there is already a progress of more than 60% in the works of a new frog producing center, which will increase the capacity of SADER Jalisco for the production of young for the farms of the entity.

Ranicultural municipalities include Yahualica de González, Zapotlanejo, Atotonilco El Alto, Zapopan, Jalostotitlán and La Barca, among others.