Agricultural Damage from Hurricane “Nora” Still Being Assessed

Agricultural Damage from Hurricane “Nora” Still Being Assessed

SADER continues verifying the claims originated in the recent rainy season, in order to compensate the affected farmers.

The state secretariat of the Jalisco Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER,) pointed out that at the moment 3,424 hectares of affected crops are already evaluated and determined a loss; basically corn, sorghum, beans and rice. The properties of 1,028 farmers were damaged, either by floods or excess humidity or by the aftermath of the severe rains, and in particular Hurricane Nora.

To compensate for the meteorological effects, SADER Jalisco has the Agricultural Claims Program. The implementation of this scheme requires the receipt of information on the damage, and the physical verification of the same, which is done in coordination with the municipal authorities and producer organizations.

Additionally, damages caused to the tropical fruit crops of the Coast, particularly the banana, is also under review in order to specify and verify the definitive damage.

SADER Jalisco has also supported the agricultural community in the face of the impacts of the recent storms with machinery to repair damage to local roads and harvesting routes, and the cleaning of riverbeds and beaches, in coordination with the municipalities and civil protection authorities.

The positive aspect of the storms was the abundance of precipitation in the regions with the highest grain production, in the fields of Ciénega de Chapala, Los Altos and the Sierra de Amula, where there are testimonies of a magnificent outcome after the rains.

Currently, damages of 6.8 million pesos have been detected, which are being channeled according to the criteria of the operating rules. The regions affected the most by Nora were: Coastal Regions, Sierra de Amula, Cienega de Chapala, Lagunas, and Sierra Occidental. The damages were in more than 20 municipalities, among which are: Jamay, Ocotlán, Cihuatlán, Tomatlán and San Martín Hidalgo, among others.