Allegra’s Story; Help Her Achieve Her Dream to Study at University of Buenos Aires

Allegra’s Story; Help Her Achieve Her Dream to Study at University of Buenos Aires

Allegra has been giving her all to teaching needy children at Kid’s Club in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, and now you can help her out by having a great day of adventure and fun.

Allegra has already been accepted into her dream school of the University of Buenos Aires, she just needs a little help to get there and to pay for living expenses.

Vallartra Adventures and Punta Mita Ocean Sports have both generously donated adventure tours for auction in order to support Allegra’s school fund. Check it out- there are 9 fantastic different adventures to choose from, and only a couple days left in this campaign. Sadly, at the time of this article being posted, not one of these tours has been bid upon yet! Come on Folks, let’s help this girl out and have a great day of fun doing it!! You can choose your tour and help Allegra at the website:

The auction ends Sunday, Nov 14, at 5:00 PM. The first page that comes up shows just 3 of the tours, click the "View More Items" to see the rest.

A word from Allegra:My name is Allegra Rubboli Ramirez and I am Mexican. I have always been passionate about writing. Since I was little I love to read and write all kinds of things. In fact right now I am writing a novel, for that reason I want to professionalize myself in the faculty of Philosophy and Letters.  I graduated two years ago from High School.  Unfortunately due to the pandemic as well as other personal problems, my economic possibilities have been exhausted to be able to fulfill my dream which is to travel abroad to complete my University studies.

I have been teaching classes for 3 years, I am skilled in both the visual and artistic fields.  In terms of painting and crafts I am very good, and even in performing arts I have a diploma.  These achievements have given me the opportunity to share with more little people in this case with children. Since I discovered the feeling of being able to teach, I am sincerely fascinated and now I am not going to stop until I can become a professional teacher.  Currently I am dedicated to the profession and I am a teacher in the Amigos Kids Club, giving me the opportunity to learn new things every day.

I come from a humble family which is made up of my mother (single, since I can remember) and until a year ago, my grandmother who suffered from senile dementia for 6 years. Therefore my mother stopped working to dedicate herself to caring for her.  This created an obstacle of not being able to support me to follow my dreams, leaving me in charge of the economic expenses of the day to day.  Since the age of 14, I have worked and become independent.

Unfortunately, over the years I have realized that it is not easy to save and even more so when you have to support two people, my mother and me.  For that reason I am in a desperate situation since I would like to do many things and among them is to complete my studies, for economic reasons I have not succeeded.

The objective of this campaign is to solve these expenses:

-Transfer to Mexico DF to process an Argentine Visa  Entry permit fee to Argentina $600 US (MEXICAN PESOS $11,934) + FLIGHTS TO Mexico City    $3500 MX or US $175 
-Transfer abroad (Argentina) $ 15,000 Mexican pesos or US $ 755
Paperwork at the consulate $ 8,000 or US 402 
-Accommodation, food, services, etc for at least 2 months $ 20,000 or US $503 x 2 months 
Total: $ 58,434 MX or US $ 2,933 
I am someone very strong, someone who does not give up easily. Whatever the circumstances I look for a solution and in this case I try to make this possibility help me fulfill my dreams.

I know that like me there are many and for that reason, if you who are reading this, please help me either by donating or sharing this campaign, you do not know how much you would help me to get ahead. Any help is welcome.

Thank you very much

If you would like to make a direct donation to help Allegra, please consult John Whitten at:

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