Law for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship in the State of Jalisco Passed

Law for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship in the State of Jalisco Passed

The new law promotes strategic actions to support business growth within the state, and proposes the formation of the State Council for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship.

The Congress of Jalisco approved yesterday the Law for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship of the State of Jalisco, which through the General Strategic Coordination of Economic Growth and Development, the Secretariat of Economic Development, and the Jalisco Business Development Fund, will promote actions in the field of education, access to financing, and agreements with municipalities for the issuance of licenses digitally.

The objective of this law is to promote the bases to strengthen the ecosystem of entrepreneurship in the entity and thus increase the competitiveness of Jalisco companies.

It will also allow for a unique agenda that promotes and encourages entrepreneurship in the state, through commitments between the three levels of government and actors from the social, educational, and private sectors of Jalisco.

“This new Entrepreneurship Promotion Law approved in the State Congress is a great success for our economy, since it will allow us the professionalization of entrepreneurs. It also generates this unique agenda for entrepreneurship, where it undoubtedly the formalization of the business sector will occur, including promoting the necessary strategic actions to support entrepreneurship. We will have the creation of new companies and therefore new and better jobs,” shared the Secretary of Economic Development, Diedra González Free.

The new Law contemplates the creation of a State Council for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship with 11 members, chaired by the Governor, and as Technical Secretary the head of SEDECO will also have a place, as well as the heads of the Secretariats of Innovation, Science and Technology, of Substantive Equality between Women and Men; 3 representatives of the business sector, 2 representatives of public or private universities, a representative of entrepreneurs, and a representative of incubators or accelerators.