Come Get A Full, Healthy Meal From TakeLunch For Less Than 4 Dollars

Come Get A Full, Healthy Meal From TakeLunch For Less Than 4 Dollars

A lot of people, especially tourists, will say it’s hard to find a good, full meal for a cheap price here in Puerto Vallarta; but they’re actually wrong, you just have to know where to go. For example, TakeLunch is a very inexpensive and quite healthy food place, but not many tourists know it.

It is located on Calle Pavo Real in Las Aralias, a block from the school Ameyali. The address is TakeLunch, Calle Pavo Real, Las Aralias, Puerto Vallarta, Jal and the longitude latitude location is 20.639230461365063, -105.21314453183567. They are open from 8 AM to 4:30 PM every day. You can have a seat and eat, take out, or even order food through Uber Eats.

They do smoothies, juices, flavored waters, breakfast and lunch; and all of their food and drinks are very healthy, and very tasty. Every time my dad and I go out we always make sure to stop and get a juice and/or meal from them.

Today my dad and I had a big plate of lunch each and I got a big slice of carrot cake for a total of 170 pesos, or about $8.50 USD. The meal includes the food of the day, which in today’s case was pork chops in “salsa morita,” or carne en su jugo, a quite big salad, refried beans with cheese on top, choice of pasta or rice, and a half a liter of the water of the day. Today they had Jamaica, which is one of my favorites!

The pork chops were fried slightly in a pan, and then cooked in their salsa, which you could taste all the way through. The salsa was made of guajillo chilies, which aren’t spicy at all, and oregano, as well as some other basic spices. And the pork chops tasted like roasted pork, rather than fried pork chops. 

I got the pasta with my meal and it was really good as well. The beans were also yummy, though I did add a little salt, but that is a matter of taste, I like really salty things. The carrot cake was delicious! Overall everything was very good, filling, and amazingly inexpensive!!



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