A Huge, Juicy Torta And a Liter of Freshly Made Water for Just Over 3 Dollars

A Huge, Juicy Torta And a Liter of Freshly Made Water for Just Over 3 Dollars

Today we went to get a huge torta Cubana!

Hello, again. My dad and I, and sometimes my mom comes along too, have been going out on the town to find some of the best hole in the wall, off the beaten path cheap eats restaurants that we can find. We go out almost every day, finding some new little place to tell you about and review the food and prices.  

Today my dad had to go to the bank, and since we were in town, we thought we’d stop to get a bite to eat. We saw a torta truck while driving, and that made us think of the delicious and huge tortas Cubanas nearby, so we decided to go there. But, one of these days, we will stop at that torta truck. Anyways, the place is called Tortas Cubanas La Aurora, and they are always so packed, a sure sign that they must be very good! 

They are located on Calle Universo in La Aurora. The longitude latitude location is 20.655187014190364, -105.23541406288888, and they are open from 8:00am to noonish. Google maps and Facebook say noon, but I’ve seen them open past noon, and I believe they are open until their supplies run out for the day.

At Tortas Cubanas La Aurora they serve, obviously, tortas Cubanas, but also a variety of other tortas and sandwiches. These include ham, pierna, panela, ham with panela, ham with pierna, and pierna with panela. Pierna, by the way, is shredded pork meat that comes from around the leg, hence the name pierna, which means leg in Spanish. Tortas Cubanas La Aurora also serves fresh smoothies and waters, which they make in front of you rather than having it pre-made. 

The stand, as usual, was packed full and there was also about 5 people waiting for a seat or eating standing up. My dad and I both got a torta Cubana, and my dad got a liter of melon water, and I got a half-liter, but we had to stand up to eat as all the chairs were taken. We didn’t mind, though. The flavor of the tortas and drinks is totally worth it. 

The tortas are very filling, and very, very tall. First, the bun is toasted and then a thick slice of ham is put on, after that another thick slice of American, or yellow, cheese. They leave that on the grill for a little while for the cheese to melt, and then a giant handful of juicy and flavorful pierna is put on, then a fresh, and very big slice of panela, then lettuce, onion, tomato, and pickled peppers, and lastly some mayonnaise. There is quite literally many layers of flavors in this one torta!

Like I said before, the stand is usually very packed. I’ve never been there on a day where it isn’t full, especially since there aren’t very many seats. It’s quite a small stand, actually. It interests me how the cooks and other workers coordinate together so well in the small space, while I can’t even cook in a large kitchen without making a mess or knocking something over, and that’s not even with multiple other people in it.


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