Stop Throwing Out Your Produce and Preserve it With an EcoBox

Stop Throwing Out Your Produce and Preserve it With an EcoBox

Have you ever bought produce, put it in the fridge, and only a couple of days later found that your lettuce was wilted or your mushrooms were slimy? Chances are, you have, but this could be changed.

It is estimated that nearly half of all produce is wasted and thrown out each year. Though the problem isn’t about how long the produce is stored and more about how it is stored. Throwing your produce into your fridge isn’t always the right thing to do, hence the wilted lettuce and slimy mushrooms. However, the temperature is not the only factor contributing to this. 

Some fruits, such as apples and bananas, release ethylene gas, which is what triggers them to ripen. The problem with this gas is that it will also affect other fruits and vegetables such as leafy greens, which is why produce needs to be separated and have plenty of room for airflow, though the vegetable drawer in your fridge does not allow for this. Additionally, certain vegetables, such as root vegetables, thrive best in dark, cool places. You can read more about storing root vegetables by clicking here. Other vegetables should be kept at room temperature. Tomatoes, for example, will lose flavor and the desired texture if they’re kept in the fridge. You can read more about tomatoes by clicking here. Eggs, as long as they are unwashed, do not need to be refrigerated either. You can also read more about them, and the reason to not refrigerate them, by clicking here. You may think that it would be very hard and take up a lot of room to provide all of your produce with the proper storage that they need, but in reality, it’s very simple and affordable due to the EcoBox. Not only is the EcoBox a good addition to your kitchen, any off-grid place, or for anyone who is trying to reduce their energy usage, but due to its incredible light weight it would also be great for boats and campers.

The EcoBox is a set of 4 storage compartments that can be stacked vertically or set side-by-side horizontally, each of them unique with the purpose of properly storing different types of produce. And, if you do not need the whole set, each compartment can be sold separately. One, for example, is meant to store different fruits and vegetables while allowing air to flow by them, and another creates a dark environment perfect for root vegetables and leafy greens. And all of them keep your produce freshest for the longest amount of time possible. Also, for every ten sets that are sold, one set will be donated to a low-income community or household that can greatly use these boxes due to not having electricity.

The EcoBox is made out of high-quality wood and resin that is guaranteed to not decompose, swell, warp, or dry out and become frail. It was tested by being left in water for 7 days and then left in direct sunlight for another 7 days, which did not affect or change the wood whatsoever. It is also very lightweight, and in my opinion very attractive. The wood was designed by an Argentinian architect Hector Pereyra and manufactured and patented in Switzerland.

If you’re interested in acquiring an EcoBox, visit https://go.hotmart.com/F81146611I