DIF and "Sharing Smiles" Brings Surfing Experience to Users with Disabilities

DIF and "Sharing Smiles" Brings Surfing Experience to Users with Disabilities

The Municipal DIF System of Puerto Vallarta through the alliance with the adapted surf clinic "Sharing Smiles," this week provided the opportunity to introduce, teach, and practice this sport to people with disabilities,

bringing them joy and a unique experience. 

During the practices on the beach, users of the Assistance Program for People with Disabilities (PAID) and other schools in the municipality of Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas, enjoyed an unforgettable experience by being able to use a surfboard with all the safety measures and protection of specialized personnel. People of different ages and abilities had the opportunity to enter the sea with a surfboard adapted to their needs and enjoy the activity. 

The majority of boys and girls attending, as well as some young people and adults, were people with motor, intellectual, hearing, or visual disabilities, who were able to practice this sport, as well as functional exercises; in addition to the conviviality and interaction with people from the foundation. 

The clinic began operations at the beginning of 2018 with the mission of improving the quality of life of people with disabilities through surfing and other water activities, being the only association so far in Mexico to do such actions. 

At the end of the activity on the beach, they thanked the donors Altruus, Los Planctons, Inter Pacific Brokers, Tron X, Marival Emotions, Wave Training Center, and Another One Coffee, for joining the cause and contributing to continue creating smiles for the children and people of this important sector.