Covid-19’s Effect On A Small Cosmetologist Business

Covid-19’s Effect On A Small Cosmetologist Business

Marve Rosario Muñoz Camarena is a hair stylist and makeup artist from here in Puerto Vallarta. Her dad was also a cosmetologist, and inspired her to start her career.

Rosario’s father, Sovenal Munos Semenez, started working in his uncle’s barbershop at the age of 12. He was very adventurous and was always getting into trouble, so when he got a job that gave him somewhere to waste time productively. He was also the older brother, and he had to help take care of his younger siblings.

In 1971, Sovenal got married to Rosario’s mother, Maria Isabel Camarena Lozano, at the age of 27. Then, two years later, in 1973, Rosario was born. She was interested in cosmetology most her life, as she grew up with her father who was a cosmetologist, and decided to start studying it when she was 15. She went to a school in PV, and got her first job at the Sheraton when she was 17. Rosario worked with her dad, and stayed working there for almost 5 years.

Then, she moved to Guanajuato, and got a job there with her father. Though, the both of them missed PV, so they came back after 3 years. And now, Rosario being about 25 years old, she got a job on her own at a women’s hair salon. That job lasted 6 years, and she got a different job, that lasted only a few months. One day, while working at her job, Rosario’s sister came in with a Mano A Mano newspaper, that had an advertisement looking for a cosmetologist in Marina Vallarta. Rosario applied, and immediately got accepted.

The owner of the barbershop was Lily, and she and Rosario got along quite well. Rosario worked there for about 6 years, before Lily head to close it. But, Rosario decided to buy and re-open it. And ever since, she’s been working at that small shop by the lighthouse in Marina Vallarta. Though, recently because of the pandemic, she was forced to close it, and hasn’t gotten an opportunity to open it back up. But, Rosario is still working! She works by going to people’s houses, of course taking proper safety precautions, with her materials and doing whatever the client asked for at their own home.

Rosario is planning to open up her shop again, probably later this year, but not yet. She’s also working on creating a Facebook account for her business and a website on her free time. But, until then, you can send her a Whatsapp, give her a call, or message her on Facebook to book an appointment with her. 

photo by change.org