Puerto Vallarta Welcomes First McAllen Flight with Hopes of New Software Industry

Puerto Vallarta Welcomes First McAllen Flight with Hopes of New Software Industry

With 62 passengers on board, the first commercial flight on the McAllen-Guadalajara-Puerto Vallarta route operated by Aeromar landed at the Guadalajara International Airport today.


With this route, which will have three weekly frequencies, Jalisco expands its international air connectivity, favoring the economic reactivation of the state.

The main immediate positive effect with the McAllen, Texas connection for Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta is tourism, but this route also provides ease for the mobility of people related to the technology industry in the companies based near McAllen. With interest in expanding their operations in other parts, this should detonate this sector in the Port, assured the head of the Secretary of Economic Development, Ernesto Sánchez Proal. 

Jalisco is a very attractive destination for these companies and this new route opens the way for strategic projects for economic development, specifically in the area of ​​software and advanced manufacturing, specified the Secretary of Economic Development. 

"We have already started a project to inspire Puerto Vallarta to, in addition to having a tourist vocation, also be a vocation as a technology development site."

“We have received a lot of interest during our promotional tours in 2019, and later during the video conferences that we have had with regions, specifically California and Texas from medium-sized software development companies, to establish operations in Puerto Vallarta. And the reason is that the development engineers software people really like that destination to live in,”he shared. 

The Ministry of Economic Development is already working on a plan to use the port's infrastructure to establish a software development center, taking advantage of the connectivity with this new route with Texas and other international destinations, which will accelerate the economic reactivation and generation of new jobs in Vallarta and nearby municipalities. 

After landing in Guadalajara today at noon from McAllen, Texas; Aeromar's ATR42 plane continued to Puerto Vallarta destined for its 4:00 arrival time.