Call Extended to Businesswomen for High Impact Entrepreneur’s Program

Call Extended to Businesswomen for High Impact Entrepreneur’s Program

With the aim of reaching more women entrepreneurs, companies, and businesses in Jalisco, the call for the High Impact Entrepreneurs Program has been extended to receive applications until July 30.

Businesswomen, companies and businesses will be able to obtain financial support of up to 250 thousand pesos.

The objective of the program is to promote equality actions in the business sector of Jalisco through financial support to businesswomen and companies for the development of projects that incorporate the gender perspective in their work environments, and protect the employment of women.

 With High Impact Entrepreneurs, the Secretariat for Substantive Equality between Women and Men (SISEMH,) strengthens companies of Jalisco, whether individuals or legal entities, that have a workforce of at least 6 and up to 100 employees, through financial support that they can use in actions that promote a culture of equality.

 The 'A' modality is aimed at women entrepreneurs (individuals,) or companies (legal entities,) in which at least 50% of their social capital is made up of women, while the 'B' modality is aimed only at legal persons and both men and women can participate.

 In both modalities, at least 60% of the financial support must be used in the implementation of the project with a gender perspective, and up to 40% to cover various other needs of the company. Mode B may only invest this last percentage in the social security payment of employed persons or in the payroll of employed women.

Some of the actions that companies are expected to carry out include training to promote equality and the prevention of sexual harassment and harassment in work environments, the installation of lactation areas, baby changing tables available without distinction of gender, nurseries, promotion of parity and equal pay, more women in decision-making positions and throughout the value chain, and products, services, and advertising campaigns free of stereotypes.

 The call runs until July 30, and all the information can be consulted by phone (33) 20141268 and (33) 31600789, or on the website:


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