“Focus the Body” Program Links Dance and Audiovisual Production Communities

“Focus the Body” Program Links Dance and Audiovisual Production Communities


Stimulating the production of videodance in the state is one of the main objectives of the “Focus the Body” program, whose call by the Dance Department of the Jalisco Ministry of Culture has opened.

With this initiative, conferences, lectures, and practical advice will be held, as well as the delivery of economic incentives for productions by interdisciplinary teams made up of at least 3 members in the following disciplines: dance, audiovisual production, management, and distribution.

"Focus the Body" is part of the search for new forms of creation and interaction that are adapted to the current context. In this sense, videodance, which previously provided an alternative space for creation, gained strength among creators from all over the world. It is for this reason that through this program they will continue to explore and share proposals for body movement fused with audiovisual language.

The call, which will remain in force until October 13, is aimed at interdisciplinary creative teams interested in professionalization and at people to give conferences, lectures, and advice on the creation of video dance. The above in order to generate a link between cultural agents of the dance community, with people who are involved in audiovisual production, management, and distribution.

Interested parties may apply under three categories. The first, "Advisor + Speaker," is for people with experience in teaching, to give a presentation plus two personalized consultancies to each interdisciplinary work team on topics such as direction and audiovisual language, choreographic language for the camera, video dance production, editing as a choreographic language, and circulation and reproduction rights.

In the category of "Lecturer," people with experience are sought to give a virtual conference on the "Recount of Videodance: Its Beginnings and Precursors," and "Dance Through the Lens," with content about new aesthetics, new ways of narrating, choreography, screendance, dance on film, video dance, and film dance.

Finally, the third category of "Focus the Body," is for interdisciplinary work teams, made up of at least three members in the disciplines of dance, audiovisual production, and management and distribution, who are willing to collaborate, create, specify, and produce their video dance, attending to the activities that are part of the theoretical and practical training program of the call.

Once the period for receiving the call has concluded, five beneficiaries will be chosen in the category "Advisor + Speaker" who will receive a stimulus of 20,000 pesos each. There will be two incentives for the "Lecturer" category, for the amount of 5,000 pesos each, and 12 for the category "Interdisciplinary Work Teams" for the amount of 50,000 pesos for each team.

The complete bases of “Focus the Body” can be found on the SC website: www.cultura.jalisco.gob.mx

The reception of applications will remain open until October 13, 2021, at 11:00 pm, and proposals must only be submitted through the following form: https://bit.ly/3rnTyFe

The results will be announced no later than October 20, 2021.