"Horizontes Jalisco" Call Offers Digital Developers an Incentive of 25,000 Pesos

"Horizontes Jalisco" Call Offers Digital Developers an Incentive of 25,000 Pesos

"Horizontes Jalisco" is a call by the Jalisco Ministry of Culture (SC,) with the aim of strengthening projects that facilitate digital transition of the arts and their respective economies.

When formalizing the opening of the call that will be in force until October 29, the Secretary of Culture of Jalisco, Lourdes González, explained that "Horizontes Jalisco" not only considers the delivery of an economic stimulus, but also the development of a program of mentoring and specialized workshops in digital design, user experience, and services, among others.

The official highlighted, "Horizontes Jalisco is possible in 2021, thanks to the will of the Government of Jalisco, which designated funds for the continuity of this call, which in this edition is carried out entirely with state funds."

She explained that in 2020 the call had resources from the federal government and with it 25 projects were promoted with various innovative cultural proposals, with processes and/or methodologies to make the organization, distribution, and socialization of culture more efficient through the research and interdisciplinary work.

In this edition, "Horizontes Jalisco" will have three divisions:

1) Project development: Destined to projects of any artistic discipline that seek their development, diffusion, or migration to the internet.

2) Mentoring: Aimed at professionals in cultural management, technology, design, digital rights, among others, to provide constant advice to a project of the first category.

3) Workshop: Focused on design professionals in areas such as digital services, user experience, interface, visual communication, etc., for the development and delivery of training content for the entire artistic community to facilitate their digital transition including service design, design methodologies, collaborative work, and the management of remote work sessions.

The Director of Cultural and Artistic Development of the SC, Claudia Reyes, invited those interested to attend the invitation of the Head of Multidisciplinary and Design, which was established in 2020 with the idea of ​​professionalizing the practice that occurred during the COVID Pandemic -19, where culture and the arts were forced to migrate to digital channels.

Proposals will be evaluated between October 30 and November 20, 2021, to announce the results on November 22. Participation is very simple: fill out the form issued by the call and upload the complete documentation (proof of tax status, CV, proof of address, etc.)

The total purse is 2 million pesos, distributed as follows:

Incentives of 50,000 pesos for 25 projects, one per project.

Incentives of 15,000 pesos for 25 mentors, one per mentor.

Incentives of 18,750 pesos for 25 workshops, one per workshop.

Among the projects benefited by "Horizontes Jalisco" in 2020, was “Pilgrim Route,” a documentary created by PENSARQ_ in which the reflection on the 9 architectural interventions located along the 117 km of the pilgrimage to the Virgin of Talpa from Ameca, which has more than 200 years of tradition.

The complete call is found on the official page of the Jalisco Ministry of Culture: http://sc.jalisco.gob.mx/

Or they can be contacted by email:

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