First Group of FARO Beneficiaries Begin Training

First Group of FARO Beneficiaries Begin Training

With a total of 491 beneficiaries, the FARO Program, Fortalecimiento para la innovación en Jalisco, contributes to the consolidation, strengthening and promotion of companies and ventures in Jalisco.

"At school they teach us the technical content of our career but they do not teach us everything else, for that we are working in the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology," said Alfonso Pompa, head of the SICyT, during his message to the first generation beneficiaries of the FARO program.

The program, which consists of training courses, personalized support, acceleration and cycles of innovative cultural events, will be carried out in the Network of Innovation Centers (REDi,) of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Guadalajara, Ocotlán and Zapotlán el Grande, as well as in other locations in Zapotlanejo, Cocula, Arandas, Tamazula, and Mascota.

“We conceptualize FARO as personalized support programs for incubation, acceleration, and innovation events within the REDi framework. What we are looking for with REDi is for it to be a space where we can generate ecosystems not only in the AMG but in each of the regions,” explained Nora Martin Galindo, general director of Innovation, Business, and Social Development of the SICyT.

Within this first group of beneficiaries, 163 scholarships were awarded for entrepreneurship training, and 75 for MSME training, 95 for acceleration of startups, as well as 105 scholarships to attend innovative cultural events.

The program contemplates the delivery of a total of 1,900 scholarships in four groups of recipients that will be carried out every two weeks. By modality, there will be 1,150 in Mode A for the training and accompaniment of entrepreneurs; 250 for Mode B that seeks to accelerate 150 startups, and one hundred MSMEs, and 500 scholarships for Mode C, aimed at university students and people with entrepreneurial ideas in order to participate in one of the eight innovative cultural events that are held between September and November of this year.

"What we are looking for is not just a transmission of knowledge but based on what we want to achieve, we are going to make this generate a new challenge, a new company," said Salvador Paz, founder and director of Fondify, who represents the consortium of the seven organizations running the FARO program.

The call for the program remains open until October 31, 2021, or until all scholarships are exhausted. For more information: gobjal.mx/FARO