Jalisco’s Reactivation Recovers Jobs Lost by Pandemic

Jalisco’s Reactivation Recovers Jobs Lost by Pandemic

The strategies for the economic reactivation of Jalisco continue to give positive results, with the generation of 95,340 jobs during the period of economic reactivation, from August 2020 to August 2021.

This means that the state has managed to recover the 95,331 jobs lost during the most critical months of the Covid-19 pandemic, from April to July of last year.

With these figures, Jalisco is ranked second in the nation in job creation during this period, only surpassed by Nuevo León, which has a total of 1,837,975 workers registered with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS.)

"We can give an account and record of the effectiveness of economic policies in terms of reactivation that our state has had. We have positive results to share, we have been able to generate 95,340 jobs during this period of economic reactivation with the latest figures that we have available from August. This means that we have managed to recover the jobs lost during the pandemic months and give a very clear example of the climate of confidence," shared the head of the Ministry of Economic Development, Diedra González Free.

In this same period, the transformation industries are those that have recovered the highest number of jobs with 36,187. It is followed by commerce with 25,150 jobs, the agricultural sector with 16,551 jobs, services with 9,441 jobs, transportation and communications with 6,722 jobs, construction industry with 1,402 jobs, and extractive industries with 104 jobs recovered.

With the generation of 11,400 formal jobs during August, Jalisco ranked third in the nation in job creation only below Mexico City and the State of Mexico, respectively. This represents a monthly variation of 0.62% and for the third time in 15 months it has a positive annual variation of 4.52%.

The strategy proposed by the Government of Jalisco to reactivate the economy has allowed the positive figures in terms of employment to be maintained from January to August 2021. Therefore, in the accumulated 2021 there is an increase of 57,608 new formal jobs, which represents an accumulated variation of 3.24% with respect to the end of 2020.