Jalisco Handcrafts Award 2021 Will Have a Virtual Gallery and Store

Jalisco Handcrafts Award 2021 Will Have a Virtual Gallery and Store

This year, the Galardón Jalisco a la Artesanía will reward 29 artisans from various branches, in addition to establishing an online gallery and store.

For the seventh consecutive year, the General Directorate of Craft Promotion of the Ministry of Economic Development will present the Galardón Jalisco a la Artesanía, or Award for Jaliscan Handcrafts. The event brings together artisans from different parts of the state to reward their talent and dedication, and this year has created a virtual space to visit and purchase the participating pieces, hand-crafted in Jalisco.

In this edition of the Award, 162 pieces were received from 27 municipalities, divided into several categories of textile, pottery and ceramics, hard and semi-hard fibers of animal and vegetable origin, carved wood and traditional furniture, metalwork, cardboard, paper and glass, stonework and ornamental, decorative and utilitarian lapidary, saddlery, jewelry, ceremonial objects, and innovation; which will be exhibited in the Regional Museum of Ceramics.


This year, for the first time, the exhibition will not only be physical in the museum, but also on a virtual platform, which will serve as an online gallery and will allow the creations of the artisans to be brought to new audiences. In addition it will allow online sales, making the payments directly to the artisans, without intermediaries.

“The importance of the Jalisco Award is literally to encourage and promote the recognition of Jalisco artisans, that they can generate their own trajectory so that their pieces somehow acquire greater value. And something that is very important this year is that they created a virtual sale (platform,) that is a very interesting project this year because the exposure can reach many more people, which is what we want to achieve,” shared Margarita Alfaro, general director of craft promotion at the Ministry of Economic Development.

In this edition, 29 artisans in various branches will be awarded, including the Jalisco Award that will deliver 70,000 pesos, the Young Creator Award which will give 31,000 pesos, 11 first place awards of 25,000 pesos per branch, and 9 second place awards delivering 14,000 pesos.

In addition, there will also be 7 first place awards with an amount of 14,000 pesos in the following techniques: polychrome clay and high temperature ceramics, clay decorated with mineral slips, burnished clay, decorative crafts in Indigenous art, costumes and clothing in Indigenous art, jewelry in Indigenous art, and ceremonial objects in Indigenous art.

The exhibition will be held from October 1 to October 31 at the Regional Museum of Ceramics. Calle Independencia 237, Tlaquepaque Centro, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Tuesday to Sunday. Once enabled, you will be able to view the website at:


They also have a Facebook page, where you can view beautifully handcrafted Jaliscan art, including last year’s winning entries: