BASE Program Helps Grow Long Term Cultural Projects; Seeking 6 New Projects

BASE Program Helps Grow Long Term Cultural Projects; Seeking 6 New Projects

Within the context of the pandemic and the economic reactivation measures taken by the State of Jalisco, the call for 6 new cultural projects in the BASE program is issued.

BASE: Laboratory of Creative Economy for Cultural Projects, is an accompaniment program promoted by the Head of Cultural and Creative Industries of the Ministry of Culture of Jalisco in order to generate a space for the professionalization of cultural projects for their long-term economic sustainability. 

The BASE Program is part of the Culture in Resilience program, through which this year more than 23 million pesos have been invested in 30 calls that directly support cultural communities. 

The call is open to people and groups identified as creatives, artists, managers and cultural entrepreneurs related to any creative sector or artistic discipline, with the objective of accompanying their process when planning the economic sustainability of their long-term cultural projects. This call has no direct monetary incentive, it is designed to guide and assist through the application of research and learning. 

The laboratory allows those who participate to organize their professional development and creative path, as well as to design and plan economically viable and innovative cultural projects that are committed to their community and the environment. It combines the accompaniment of a mentor with a training program made up of workshops, consultancies, talks and collaborative work and exchange between participants. It provides knowledge on political, economic, and legal aspects of the cultural sector, as well as tools for the development of skills and competences including digital, technical, bonding, and business development for the cultural sector. 

The duration of the program is 6 months, divided into two stages: September - December 2021, and January - April 2022, and includes a hybrid meeting model with virtual and face-to-face activities. 

6 projects will be selected, who will receive through the program: 

Assignment of one mentor per project for close and professional accompaniment in the development of cultural initiatives.

Training program, workshops, talks, and weekly consultancies.

Dialogue sessions, meetings, and spaces for collaboration and exchange between participants.

Access to databases of cultural spaces, and may include the use of public spaces.

Link with key people and instances for the development of your project. 

At the end of the accompaniment program, participants will be able to present projects to the next stage of calls by the Ministry of Culture, such as Horizontes Jalisco, Proyecta Industrias Culturales y Creativas, and Proyecta Producción programs, without restriction for having been beneficiaries of the BASE program during the previous year. 

Participation Requirements

Residents in any municipality of Jalisco, between the ages of 20 and 45, identified as cultural agents, artists, creatives, managers, communicators, designers and cultural entrepreneurs, related to any creative sector or artistic discipline, who are interested in designing a long-term professional development or entrepreneurship plan in the field of art and culture, and strengthening the business model of your creative or cultural endeavor.

Participants may be individuals or groups and collectives in which their members have at least one year of joint work, and that the majority meet the indicated age and residence requirements. 

Foreigners may also participate but have special residency requirements. In the case of individuals, they must prove 3 years of continuous and legal residence in Mexico, and have a suitable and valid immigration document during the entire period of accompaniment, and must reside in Jalisco during that period. As part of a group, a maximum of 20% of its members may be foreigners. 

Participants must have the availability of at least 2 afternoons a week to dedicate to the 2021 Accompaniment Program. 

The entrepreneurs who are selected are obliged to participate in all the activities of the program, as well as to generate a proposal for social compensation that is an exercise in solidarity with the people in their immediate context, creativity being the basis, and without limitation of formats or channels. 

The reception of applications concludes on August 13 at 11:00 p.m. The evaluation and selection will be carried out from August 14 to 31, by a committee made up of seven specialists in creative economies and cultural industries, and the verdict will be final. 

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You can read the complete bases of the call (in Spanish) found in the SC website: