Local Authors and Publishers: Ministry of Culture Wants to Print Your Book

Local Authors and Publishers: Ministry of Culture Wants to Print Your Book

The reception of projects for the calls "La Maleta de Hemingway" and "Illustrated Books" continues.

The Ministry of Culture of Jalisco (SC,) reiterates its invitation to those writers who seek to publish their first work through the call "La Maleta de Hemingway." The offer also extends to authors, publishers, or printers, interested in participating in the call for "Illustrated Books." Both calls, launched by the Directorate of Cultural and Artistic Development through the Head of Publications, remain in force until September 5.

During an informative session held yesterday live through the social networks of Cultura Jalisco, David Izazaga, Head of Publications, recalled that "Hemingway's Suitcase" seeks "all those people who have a book out there, who never have published. We want to serve that segment that we know exists in large numbers. The issue of publishing the first book is the most difficult part, there are writers who have stayed there; and there are writers for whom that first book has become the letter of introduction towards their literary career.”

The call is open for writers of legal age, born in Jalisco or with at least three years of living in the state, who submit an unpublished book of between 40 and 120 pages. Regarding genres David Izazaga pointed out that “we wanted to be very open, we are talking about narrative, poetry, and dramaturgy, but it is merely illustrative. Any genre can participate; novel, short story, essay, chronicle, testimony, biography, autobiography, or if there is one that doesn't fit into these genres, it doesn't matter. "

On the other hand, the call for "Illustrated Books" addressed to authors, publishers, or printers in Jalisco or with a minimum residence of three years in the entity, for the printing of books with texts and illustrations or photographs. “We know that there are publishers that work a lot with these types of projects, and that they are difficult because the budgets are usually very high… We think that the best way to see them created was with an amount destined for printing, then two projects will be selected to receive support of up to 200 thousand pesos, and that is why we asked for projects that had already been laid out, almost ready to go to press,” highlights the Head of Publications of the SC.

Applicants must submit a proposal that provides new information on the subject matter, the development of a serious investigation, including a rich and relevant iconography, and that complies with the technical characteristics that are stipulated in the bases of the call.

Some of the concerns that arose had to do with the session of rights to the SC of the winning works, so it was clarified that this session of rights corresponds only to the edition that the agency will do, and is valid until the end of the current administration. Another question was whether they could send jobs registered in INDAUTOR, which does not imply a problem. Finally, it was clarified that each person can participate with a single proposal, both in "Hemingway's Suitcase" and in "Illustrated Books".

The SC Publications Headquarters will resolve any questions regarding the bases of the calls by calling 33 3030 4500, extension 54726, from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., or by email: publications .sc @ jalisco.gob.mx.

The complete bases of the calls are found on the website of the Ministry of Culture at this link:



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