Jalisco Ministry of Culture promotes “Flashmob” Entertainment

Jalisco Ministry of Culture promotes “Flashmob” Entertainment

"La Callejera" is a project of the Jalisco Ministry of Culture through which, in compliance with sanitary measures, recreational-cultural activities will be carried out in walkways, esplanades, and common spaces

of housing units in the Guadalajara metropolitan area between June and December, with two presentations per month. 

The program consists of carrying out small interventions or “Flashmobs,” in the housing and multi-family units, to bring a moment of recreation and recreational and cultural enrichment, create community among neighbors, and improve the mental health of people in the face of the health emergency that currently affects all our lives.

The artistic presentations will be carried out under all health prevention measures on two Thursdays of each month. Different groups and artists from the state will take their shows to the comfort and safety of people’s houses, so that windows, terraces, balconies and patios will be the entrance to fun and spectacular universes that will break the tedium of everyday life.

The start of "La Callejera" will be on June 10 in the Las Conchas neighborhood in Guadalajara at 6:00 p.m., with Les Cabaret Capricho, a theater and circus company that presents the show "Bruta," a comedy of raw reactions and pure physical beauty, described as "the feminine mystery of five circus performers." Similarly, on June 24, at 6:00 p.m., “Bruta” will be presented at the Ignacio L. Vallarta Housing Unit, located on Calle Dionisio Rodríguez on the corner of Calle Lagunitas.

During the month of July, "La Callejera" will be on the esplanades of the Art and Culture Forum and the Alarife Martín Casillas theater. On July 1 and 8 they will present with "Tropicalicia," an itinerant and participatory show, for the coexistence of families, grandparents, neighbors, trees and pets; presenting different encounters with the universe of the circus through acts of comedy, juggling, acrobatics, music, etc.

The rest of the program will feature groups such as Pneumus, with a journey that simulates the shooting of a movie; The Ome company and the Gypsy Balkan Trío band, with a montage of juggling, physical theater, and live music; or Bambanke Ñaato, with its drum show and African dance, to name a few.

The schedule will be announced in a timely manner through social media and the Cultura Jalisco website.


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 photo by Cabaret Capricho Facebook