Arturo Dávila Ratified as Director of the Vallarta Institute of Culture

Arturo Dávila Ratified as Director of the Vallarta Institute of Culture

The acting mayor led the board to a unanimous decision and recognized the work that has been carried out so far in the cultural organization.

In an ordinary session of the Governing Board of the Vallarta Institute of Culture (IVC), and with the aim of giving continuity to the cultural plans and projects that are planned in the municipality, it was approved to ratify Arturo Israel Dávila López as director of the East decentralized public body, until September 30 of this year. 

At the proposal of the interim mayor, Jorge Antonio Quintero Alvarado, who led the session, the members of the board unanimously approved the appointment of Dávila López as head of the IVC, who has served as dispatch manager since the end of March. 

The first mayor specified that in order to provide timely follow-up to the efforts and projects that are currently in the IVC, it was necessary that Dávila López continue to lead the body and grant him the corresponding powers so that he can also close and conclude the administration. 

Likewise, he announced that some of the projects that they have and in which progress will be made, is the inauguration of the El Pitillal Cultural Center in the coming days, an effort that was carried out jointly and that will be a worthy space for the citizenship. 

He also stated that they will seek to advance, in addition to the cultural program for the National Holidays, celebrations that represent our identity and culture, activities that will enter into of the economic reactivation process that is carried out in the city. 

He recognized the work of both Arturo Dávila, as well as the former director of the institute, Marina de los Santos Álvarez, who worked to promote culture so that it will reach all citizens and the different neighborhoods of this municipality, doing an excellent, professional job, since the objective as a municipal government is to work in favor of culture. 

Arturo Dávila López, thanked the interim mayor for their trust and support, as well as the members of the Governing Board, reiterating their commitment to continue working with a team that has been consolidated since the last administration. 

During this session, some members recognized that the work that has been carried out in cultural matters in this administration has set a benchmark for the next governments, since having two cultural centers is admirable, allowing to bring culture to more Vallartans.