The Culture of Jalisco for All the World to See

The Culture of Jalisco for All the World to See

The culture of Jalisco is visible to the world from Google Arts and Culture.

The Ministry of Culture of Jalisco (SC) collaborates with this cultural dissemination platform of Google, in a profile where three stories of Jalisco gastronomy are exposed, reports on cultural venues and heritage buildings throughout the state, and photographic galleries among which the images of San Andrés Cohamiata stand out, giving an account of the Wixárika culture.

Although the profile is available from this September 13, it was officially presented on September 15 in the framework of the celebrations for the Independence of Mexico, in a virtual ceremony with the participation of Anna Bárbara Casillas, head of the Strategic Coordination of Social Development, and authorities of the secretariats of Culture and Tourism in the state, as well as Google.

The space of the Ministry of Culture of Jalisco in Google Arts was generated within a collaboration agreement that also includes the dissemination of heritage through the tools that the platform has, and in a second stage, the digitization of cultural heritage of the State using high-tech tools.

The General Strategic Social Development Coordinator, Bárbara Casillas, expressed that she is proud to be part of this project, since in the State Government “one of the most important goals is to make culture more accessible to all people; generate opportunities for culture to be available to all types of audiences, and from a plural and inclusive perspective.”

The Secretary of Culture of Jalisco, Lourdes González Pérez, explained that the agreement with Google Arts and Culture not only consists of innovative tools such as ultra-high resolution digitization, immersive digital exhibitions, or 360 virtual tours, but also “that it is a project that inspires global audiences that allows culture to be close and accessible to everyone”

The official explained that on this platform Jalisco shares space with international references such as the Louvre Museum, the MoMA Museum of Modern Contemporary Art in New York, or the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

“The exhibition that will have such emblematic spaces such as the Degollado Theater, our living heritage such as gastronomy and mariachi, or the diverse communities that inhabit Jalisco, will be available to more than 50 million visits globally.”

The collaboration agreement is programmed in different stages to achieve adequate logistics that allows the relevance of the information to be shared, so the process will be permanently under evaluation.

Authorities from the Ministry of Culture thanked the Ministry of Tourism for its joint collaboration to carry out the Mexican Gastronomy Project. It is in the Ministry of Tourism where they promote and monitor the process of the declaration of Jalisco gastronomy as cultural heritage, so the material exhibited within the virtual exhibition "Sabores de México" by Google Arts, highlights three stories about desserts, drinks and typical dishes of Jalisco.

Lina Ornelas, head of Government Relations and Public Policies for Google Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, explained that behind the virtual exhibition "Sabores de México," the most important thing is the stories of those who produce them.

"The rituals, the traditions associated with the cuisine of Mexico that are explored through 6,000 images and more than 200 stories created by the more than 30 institutions that joined in this project.”

After virtually touring the profile of Jalisco within the platform, by the hand of Lina who underlined that there were just over 200 photographs that the state shared for this project, Rocío Lancaster, General Director of Tourism Promotion of the Ministry of Tourism, highlighted the joint collaboration to achieve the promotion of Jalisco to the world.

"We are convinced that the contribution of gastronomic tourism pays a lot to the social and economic development of a destination." Lancaster emphasized that 30% of a tourist's spending is on food and beverages.

In the following link you can visit the profile of Culture Jalisco in Google Arts: