State Secretariat of Culture Visits the Pitillal Cultural Center

State Secretariat of Culture Visits the Pitillal Cultural Center

The state official toured the facility this week and recognized the effort and role that this campus will have in terms of culture in the El Pitillal neighborhoods.

In the company of the interim municipal president, Jorge Antonio Quintero Alvarado, the Secretary of Culture in Jalisco, Lourdes Ariadna González Pérez, recently made a tour of the facilities of the El Pitillal Cultural Center (CCEPi.) The Secretary was able to learn about its infrastructure, the workshops and activities offered there, as well as the interaction that it already maintains with the community of this delegation, an effort that was recognized by the state official.


During the tour, the director of the Vallartense Institute of Culture, Arturo Dávila López and, the coordinator of the CCEPi, Yair López, shared with the mayor and the Secretary the projects that are currently being developed in this enclosure, as well as others that are being contemplated to enrich the work that the cultural center maintains.

They explained that the vision of the CCEPi is to strengthen the elements of neighborhood identity by working transversally with the community from the teaching of trades that are useful and, in turn, are linked to art.

They pointed out that it is also an important step to decentralize culture and bring it closer to the colonies, this time to the El Pitillal delegation where a large number of people live who today can access workshops such as saddlery, textile expression and screen printing , in addition to skateboarding classes for children, and being able to participate on stage in various talks, exhibitions, and artistic projects.