Guadalajara International Film Festival Hosts 4 Films Supported by Jalisco Film Commission

Guadalajara International Film Festival Hosts 4 Films Supported by Jalisco Film Commission

This year, at the 36th Guadalajara International Film Festival, 4 films will be released, which were supported by the Filma en Jalisco call (COFIEJ,) and filmed in the state.

The Secretariat of Economic Development (SEDECO,) through the Jalisco Filming Commission, seeks to promote Jalisco talent and consolidate the entity as a premier film destination of Mexico.

Domingo, El Rey de Todos el Mundo, El Viaje de Paty, and Poderoso Victoria, were credited with an overall 10,850,000 pesos, delivered by COFIEJ for their production, which were spent in their entirety in the state in order to generate local spills.

For Rodolfo Guzmán Salas, Director of the Jalisco Filming Commission, the fact that on this occasion 4 films supported by the commission are part of the film festival's billboard is the result of the work carried out by the Government of Jalisco to consolidate the entity as a leader in the film industry.

“It is very important; number one because the Guadalajara International Film Festival is the number one festival, the longest in Mexico, and one of the most important festivals in Latin America. It is an excellent showcase. In addition, it is definitely worth highlighting the growth of our industry, the objective that we have had from the beginning. Each time it is exceeded, year after year, which gives us great pleasure, and every time we are achieving better numbers.”

“In less than a month we exceeded what we had said, we had already improved the quantity. The highest rate that we had achieved in 2019 before the pandemic was 163 productions, and now we are, up to September 30, we achieved 210 productions and we now have a economic spill. We have already exceeded 400 million pesos,” he pointed out.

Guzmán Salas highlighted that in the case of the film El Rey de Todos el Mundo, or The King of the Whole World, the support was international since it was recently premiered at festivals in Italy and Spain, and has a large number of dancers from Guadalajara. He also highlighted that the film Domingo is made up of only local talent.

Domingo tells the story of a 55-year-old man, who sets out to make his life's dream come true, landing a job at the local television station as his ultimate goal, but he never imagined how much his passionate comments could change everyone's life in their community. It was directed by Raúl López Echeverría, a Mexican director who won the award for the best international short film at the 2003 International Independent Film Festival of New York.

El Rey de Todos el Mundo was filmed 100% in Jalisco and tells the story of a famous stage director who has been away from the stage for a while, and then decides to return with a play full of passion and violence. It is directed by Carlos Saura, a multi-award-winning Spanish director. Ana de la Reguera, Demián Alcázar and Manolo Cardona are part of the cast.

El Viaje de Paty, or Paty's Trip, directed by Santiago Pedroche, tells us about the journey through which Paty, an indigenous woman from the Wixárika people, went  transformed and improved the way of life for the women of her community.

Poderoso Victoria, or Powerful Victoria, is directed by Raúl Ramón, a multi-award-winning Mexican cinematographer, director, and producer. In this film he debuted as director and screenwriter, which is a tribute to Mexican ingenuity. Among its cast are: Damián Alcázar, Edgar Vivar, Eduardo España, Lorena de la Torre, and Adal Ramones.

The films can be seen from October 2 to October 9 at the Cineteca FICG 01 Guillermo del Toro or at the Cineforo of the University of Guadalajara, for more information you can visit their website:



photo by UDG