Jalisco On-Line Festival Motivates Groups and People of the Interior

Jalisco On-Line Festival Motivates Groups and People of the Interior

Using social networks as a platform to achieve a greater reach, especially in the interior and outside the state, has been one of the successes of the Jalisco Online Cultural Festival.

Since July 12, groups of different municipalities of Jalisco have given daily presentations through YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, through Cultura Jalisco. 

Cristopher de Alba, head of the Municipal Development Headquarters of the Jalisco Ministry of Culture (SC,) comments that in the midst of the pandemic, the festival is a way to continue working and motivating students, continuing the reactivation of the cultural houses, and reinforcing the work between the State Government and the municipalities through presidents, directors, and councilors of the 78 participating municipalities. 

So far, the groups that have been part of the digital billboard have taken it with great enthusiasm. “They have been surprised by the reach that their videos have had, and the number of likes and comments on their participation. The online format has also allowed contact with families who are outside the municipality or the country, but who are always aware of the economic and cultural development of their municipalities,” highlights Cristopher de Alba. 

He also comments that through the regional coordinators of the agency, it is known that in the municipalities special attention is paid to the day on which local groups are scheduled and meetings have even been held to see family and friends participate. 

“WhatsApp groups are formed, they share information, and in some cases they have met in the houses of culture or libraries. It has generated something that we miss, which was meeting to see each other.” 

The festival will continue until August 15 with a total of 133 activities in music, dance, theater, literature and visual arts. There are five daily activities starting at 7:00 p.m., stage presentations through the YouTube channel, and a visual arts gallery through Instagram. On weekends there are literary activities that will be broadcast on Facebook and Twitter. 

The full festival program can be found on the SC website: