For World Day Against Breast Cancer, Governor Increases Funds 50% for Treatment Centers

For World Day Against Breast Cancer, Governor Increases Funds 50% for Treatment Centers

Yesterday morning, Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez delivered oncological drugs, wigs, and vouchers to support brave women who fight against breast cancer.

He announced that the budget initiative for the next year will increase the resources by 50% for the agencies that treat this disease, and indicated that in 2022 the works of the Cancer Institute in Zapopan will be resumed, with an expected budget of 100 million pesos.

“We are facing this year well in an adverse scenario; in addition to a national problem of supply of medicines and the lack of inventories of medicines to treat cancer. We are doing well this year and we have to do better next year. I want to announce, commit, that the budget initiative that we are going to send to the Jalisco Congress in a few more days will include a 50% increase in the amount of resources that we are going to allocate to the NGOs that work to care for cancer patients,” he specified. Support to NGOs that dedicate attention to the fight against cancer will be increasing from 15 to almost 23 million pesos for the next year.

“Obviously the issue that has impacted and shook the consciences of Mexicans the most has been that of children, but of course we also understand the dimension of what it means to be able to care for women who face this disease and particularly those who, due to their financial situation institutions do not have the resources to be able to take care of themselves correctly. We are not going to leave them alone… I think that is the most valuable thing.”

Construction of the Cancerology Institute will resume again after an adjustment of the project, in which responsibilities will need to be defined.

During the Governor’s visit to Nariz Roja AC., 10 breast cancer treatments and 9 wigs were delivered to women cared for by this organization, in addition to support vouchers, thanks to a donation campaign aimed at the public for the purchase of medicines and testing, which has already raised about 15 million pesos for patients in twelve states throughout Mexico.

Alejandro Barbosa, president of Nariz Roja AC., Remarked that he joins the demand that Jalisco have fair treatment in the budgets reduced by the Federal Government to care for this condition. He added that thanks to the collaboration of governments, private initiative, and citizens, it has been possible to meet the medication needs of children suffering from cancer, but "it is not raising bells and whistles."

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