Call for Participants in Incentives for Artistic Creation and Development Program

Call for Participants in Incentives for Artistic Creation and Development Program

The Ministry of Culture invites creators, interpreters, researchers, and cultural managers or promoters to participate in the Program of Incentives for Artistic Creation and Development (PECDA.)

The program is backed by both federal and state levels of the Ministry of Culture, and will offer up to 55 economic incentives.

The joint work between the Mexico System of Supports for Creation and Cultural Projects and the Ministry of Culture of Jalisco adds to the efforts to decentralize the delivery of resources to creative communities and in turn enriches the national vision on the concerns of the community, creative processes, and the promotion of arts and cultural practices in multicultural contexts.

PECDA Jalisco has been promoting artistic talent for 27 years, and offers alternatives to adolescents, young people, adults, and older adults who seek through their sensitivity, empathy, solidarity and taste for art to create healthy and harmonious communities. 

That is why we extend a cordial invitation to join this call. We are sure that the selected projects will leave a mark on the cultural development of our state. 

The call will remain in force until August 6, 2021, and includes the categories of: Teenage Creators "New talents"; Young Creators; Creators with Trajectory; Research and Dissemination of Cultural Heritage; Research and Cultural Management; and Emeritus Creators.  

Projects may be submitted in the disciplines; Plastic Arts, Visual Arts, Dance, Literature, Music, Theater, Circus Arts, Alternative Media, Urban Art and Popular Arts and Crafts, which applies only to emeritus creators. 

As a new dissemination strategy and to facilitate the process of registration and presentation of their project, applicants will be able to consult 10 tutorial capsules, or remote consultancies, available on the YouTube channel of Cultura Jalisco: https://bit.ly/TutoPECDA21l 

Lourdes González, head of the Jalisco Ministry of Culture, highlighted the importance of a program that she herself previously knows as a beneficiary, jury, tutor, and technical secretary. She also pointed out that this is one of the longest-lived incentives in favor of decentralization, for which she thanked the work of all those involved at the state and federal level so that PECDA is a platform “thanks to which many of the creators of this state have been able to be beneficiaries.”

The general director of the System of Supports for Creation and Cultural Projects, Juan Carlos Bonet, instructed "Let us work for the good of our creators, to revitalize economic activity, and dignify the artistic, cultural, and creative work of our artists." 

As the Secretary of Culture of the Government of Mexico, Alejandra Frausto Guerrero, has expressed, the best allies are found in the federal entities, in order to deepen the objective of cultural decentralization and promote the creative and cultural communities of the country. “I recognize in the states the vital partners to make the human right of culture fully fulfilled and, for the first time, for all Mexican women and men; no one is left out, no one is left behind.” 

One of the peculiarities of the PECDA Jalisco call is the category of Teenage Creators "New talents," for which Manuel Tejeda Enríquez, beneficiary of this category in the 2020 broadcast, invited young talents to participate, commenting, "Young people like me are eager to create and be in contact with expressions that help us understand the world around us.” 

The general bases of participation can be consulted at:


and on the website of the Ministry of Culture of Jalisco:


Applicants may register at:


The results of the call will be announced on October 1, 2021. 

For more information or to receive advice, you can write to the email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 33 30 30 45 00, ext. 54743 and 54744, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. 


Teenage Creators "New Talents"; 9 stimuli of 30,000 pesos

Young Creators; 18 stimuli of 50,000 pesos

Creators with a Trajectory; 9 stimuli of 70,000 pesos

Emeritus Creators; 9 stimuli of 100,000 pesos

Research and Dissemination of Cultural Heritage; 5 stimuli of 50,000 pesos

Research and Cultural Management; 5 stimuli of 52,000 pesos